Independent Medical Education Grants

Portola Pharmaceuticals Inc. is committed to supporting grants for independent medical education in an effort to advance medicine and patient care by improving the knowledge of the medical community.

Independent Medical Education (IME) is generally defined as an educational program/activity for healthcare professionals (HCPs) that is not controlled or influenced by Portola employees or agents. The program is typically provided by professional associations, independent educational providers, hospitals and educational institutions.

Funding Priorities and Requirements
Grant requests must recognize unmet educational needs of a target audience and demonstrate how the program will help address these needs.

The funding request must be consistent with Portola’s educational areas of interest. The following are educational aims supported by Portola.

THERAPEUTIC AREA: Reversal of DOAC activity

  • Demonstrate the burden of illness and unmet medical need of severe bleeding from DOAC
  • Describe the current reversal and treatment strategies being used to treat DOAC-associated
  • Identify high risk patients with major bleeding secondary to DOAC use
  • Introduce new and investigational reversal agents for DOAC

THERAPEUTIC AREA: Extended VTE prophylaxis in acute medically ill patients

  • Demonstrate the burden of illness of VTE risk post hospitalization in patients admitted for acute medical illness
  • Describe the standard of care and current use of VTE prophylaxis in the acute care setting
  • Present ongoing and completed clinical trials assessing safety and efficacy of factor Xa inhibitors for extended VTE prophylaxis in the hospital and post-hospitalization setting
  • Introduce and discuss the concept of patient stratification for extended VTE prophylaxis using D-dimer and other risk factors
Download Grant Request

We request that you take the following steps:

  1. Review funding priorities and requirements
  2. Review application requirements
  3. Download and complete the grant request form, including all attachments
  4. Submit grant

The following information is required as part of your application:

  1. Grant request form
  2. Program description
    • Program objectives
    • Target audience
    • Timing/duration/frequency
  3. Needs assessment summarizing justification for program (attachment)
  4. Signed cover letter stating grant is restricted to specific educational purpose (attachment)
  5. Program agenda or brochure (attachment)
  6. Detailed budget for the program (attachment)
  7. Accreditation statement, including number of approved hours if CME (attachment)
  8. W-9 Form / W-8BEN Form (attachment)
  9. Plan for post-program reconciliation: attainment of objectives, use of funds, return of un-used funds

Download the grant request form

Please submit the completed application form and all relevant documents by email to:

Portola has a rolling review policy when evaluating funding requests for independent medical education. We ask that grant proposals be submitted at least 90 days prior to the program start date. We will notify you of our decision prior to the project/program start date.