Common Paths of Discovery

We are committed to supporting independent medical education and investigator-sponsored research to help advance medicine and patient care.

Independent Medical Education is an educational program/activity for healthcare professionals that is not controlled or influenced by Portola employees or agents. The program is typically provided by professional associations, independent educational providers, hospitals and educational institutions.

Funding Priorities and Requirements

Educational grant requests must recognize unmet educational needs of a target audience and demonstrate how the program will help address these needs.

The funding request must be consistent with Portola’s educational areas of interest, such as:

THERAPEUTIC AREA: Reversal of Direct Oral Anticoagulant (DOAC) activity

Address educational gaps and support CME requests that will:

  • Demonstrate the burden of illness from DOAC-associated severe bleeding, focusing on ICH
  • Identify high-risk factors in DOAC-associated bleeding, including intracranial hemorrhages, gastrointestinal bleeding and bleeding in a critical area or organ
  • Describe reversal treatments for DOAC-associated bleeds
  • Educate on guidelines for reversing DOACs
  • Discuss patient evaluation and institutional protocol concepts for DOAC reversal

How to apply

Please submit your grant application request via the following link:

If you have grant application questions, please contact [email protected].

Portola supports independent, investigator-sponsored research designed to advance scientific and medical knowledge. This research can provide valuable information regarding the safety, efficacy, pharmacology and tolerability of our products and may help generate new ideas and insights for addressing blood-related disorders.

Portola provides grants primarily in our therapeutic areas of expertise and based on the scientific merit of the proposal.

Proposed studies must be of scientific merit, must address legitimate medical or scientific questions, and must be well designed to be considered for funding.

For more information or to discuss the potential for Portola to sponsor research, please contact [email protected].