Challenging the Status Quo

Our focused scientific expertise and pioneering approach has yielded several unique compounds that hold broad therapeutic potential. Every compound in our portfolio was discovered in our labs and advanced through clinical stage trials with the guidance of our experienced scientific and medical affairs teams. We are continuing to explore new discoveries that impact how serious blood-related disorders are treated and expanding the potential impact of our existing portfolio of medicines.

The safety and efficacy of the following investigational compounds or investigational uses of marketed products have not been established. These uses have not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or other regulatory authorities.

ProgramEarly Phase/Phase OnePhase TwoPhase ThreeApproved

Andexanet Alfa

(Reversal agent for certain Factor Xa-inhibitors)

Andexanet Alfa

(Potential indication for the reversal of other Factor Xa inhibitors)

Andexanet Alfa

(Potential indication for urgent surgery)


(Oral anticoagulant for certain patient types)


(Dual-spleen tyrosine kinase and janus kinase (SYK/JAK) inhibitor; potential indication for PTCL and CTCL)


(Potential indication for Follicular Lymphoma)